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Kettle Corn Machine Testimonials

We hope you enjoy reading some of the e-mails we receive from Kettle Corn poppers around the country.

  • I installed my automatic stirrer and used it for the first time on Saturday (our next regular market day). I operate out of an open shed and to say that the mess I now have to clean up is a lot less is one of the greatest understatements of the year. The operation is smooth and simple. I am able to maintain greater consistency from batch to batch and it really appears I have less waste. The fatigue factor was really my main motivation in this purchase as I am nearing 70. The added benefits of speed, consistency and tidiness are all additional pluses. I can now see myself continuing to operate this business for a lot longer than I would have been able to otherwise. Another plus, on really busy days I can use help that does not need the skill or strength to make kettle corn the old fashioned way. Thank you.

    Ken, NY

  • Everything arrived last Friday as planned! Thanks for all your efforts in getting the equipment to us quickly. Please pass along HUGE kudos to everyone at North Bend. My husband was VERY impressed with the quality and workmanship of the equipment. He works in the hearth industry and is VERY familiar with gas appliances. You all are a wonderful blessing and a pleasure to work with! We popped our first batch of kettle corn on Sunday afternoon. It was a success and a huge hit with our 4 kids and their friends. I didn’t burn a kernel! If all of our ingredients arrive by tomorrow, we will be selling at our first market on Thursday evening.

    Lauran, VT

  • We had our first event and it went quite well; did sales of around $1,500. Not a bad first attempt. Great product and the kettle worked flawlessly. Thanks.

    Kent, NS

  • Just had to drop you a line to let you know we finally got a chance to put everything together and popped our first batch on New Year’s Day. It turned out to be the best popcorn we have ever had!!! Can’t wait to see where all of this takes us. Well, thank you so much for everything.

    and later… It’s been 5 months since we started this venture and I have to say, there hasn’t been one batch of bad popcorn!!! We are so pleased with everything!!! Cleans up nice and easy. I’d say we’ve popped about 500 bags of corn and started giving it away just to get some feed-back (pardon the pun) and there has not been one complaint. Everybody loves it! We got through all the red tape (health board, business license, website (; our custom bags should arrive next week and then we have at least 6 stores that want to carry it. Well, thanks for the best popcorn popper ever!!!

    Dawn, Ed & Tone, BC

  • Now I know why I bought the system from North Bend. The service is great. Thanks.

    Steve, RI

  • First I want to thank you for the fine equipment and exact standards. I have been using my auto stirrer between two machines and the holes on the new model matched exactly (I did not have to re-drill or make any modification). I can do the best business practices, work unlimited hours, and travel hundreds of miles but it is your equipment that has allowed me to make the best kettle corn in the country. I popped 2,000 bags last week and received orders for 7,000 bags this week. I am living in two locations now so I can fill orders from both Illinois and Missouri.

    Doug, MO