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Beat the pumpkin time rush – order now.

Kettle corn: an outdoor business with fantastic profit margins, curb-side potential, and quick return on investment.

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Have questions about starting a kettle corn business? We have answers! Pop on over to our Kettle Corn Q & A page.

Financing is Available!

We are proud to offer a complete line of financing options through Schulte Leasing. There are many benefits to leasing kettle corn equipment, and even with challenged credit we have options for you, too!

Please contact Jon Schulte directly at (949) 246-7467, or e-mail him at

What our customers are saying...

First I want to thank you for the fine equipment and exact standards. I have been using my auto stirrer between two machines and the holes on the new model matched exactly (I did not have to re-drill or make any modification). I can do the best business practices, work unlimited hours, and travel hundreds

Doug, MO
Please pass along HUGE kudos to everyone at North Bend. My husband was VERY impressed with the quality and workmanship of the equipment. You all are a wonderful blessing and a pleasure to work with! We popped our first batch of kettle corn on Sunday afternoon. It was a success and a huge hit with our 4 kids and their friends.

Lauran, VT
Oh my goodness…it has been so crazy. I wanted to catch you up since my last e-mail. We got the job at the orchard! I can’t believe it Andrea… last weekend we made $9,890… yup you read it right! That is after we gave them their 20%. It will not be like this every weekend…

Lori, MA

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Kettle Corn: a Profitable Business

Are you looking for a way to earn extra cash? A kettle corn business should be a top consideration. Regardless of your goals, the start-up cost of a kettle corn business is money that can be recovered quickly; sometimes it happens in a year, sometimes in a month, or – believe it or not – sometimes it happens at one event!   In addition to the low start-up cost, another advantage to owning a kettle corn business is the simplicity of making a great product that people love.

Your kettle corn business can be whatever you want it to be – that is not an overstatement. Most kettle corn vendors operate part-time for supplemental income, although for some, it is their full time job.   While some of our customers are content making $500 to $1000 once a week at their local Farmers’ market, others schedule many events each year.  Like everything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Since 2002, we have helped launch thousands of kettle corn businesses in all 50 states and over 20 countries, and have the experience to help you become a successful kettle corn concessionaire. Our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau should assure you of the reliability of our customer service and equipment.  Our kettle corn poppers are 100% stainless steel (not cheap aluminum) and entirely NSF certified, which guarantees approval from your local health department.

If you are an entrepreneur like us, you believe in the American dream and the opportunity it provides to own and operate your own business.   We are always thrilled when another customer thrives in his or her business venture.  Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to helping YOU write your own success story.