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Kettle Corn Machine Testimonials

We hope you enjoy reading some of the e-mails we receive from Kettle Corn poppers around the country.

  • We got busy planning (and then popping) for our first football game. 90+ degrees and we had an 85% increase over the same game last year…$8,500 in sales for a sales period of about 6 hours.

    Mike, TX

  • We just got done with our first festival, “Cherry Festival” here in southern California. Our equipment performed flawlessly…we sold about $4,000 worth of kettle corn in 3 days! Even with another kettle corn vendor there, we did this much. REALLY… THIS IS NO LIE. We received so many compliments about our kettle corn and equipment that people were amazed. Some even asked if we were franchising our business. We all had matching yellow t-shirts and hats, to match the color of our yellow tent, with yellow sample trays handing out samples to people walking by. We had so much fun making money and running our family operation. Thank you so much for all your support in getting us started. We are completely booked with events 5 – 6 days a week through September. We are well on our way with a successful business.

    Robert & Olivia, CA

  • Oh my goodness…it has been so crazy. I wanted to catch you up since my last e-mail. We got the job at the orchard! I can’t believe it Andrea… last weekend we made $9,890… yup you read it right! That is after we gave them their 20%. It will not be like this every weekend… maybe just until frost and as you know it is hard work and we didn’t stop. We pop on Saturday and Sunday. Thanks so much. I wanted to let you know everything is off and running… very fast.

    Lori, MA

  • I love the electric stirrer. Would not go back to the old way! Has cut our clean up by 2/3. And it is like having an extra person. Would recommend to all! Feedback from our customers is that our product is even better yet.

    Paul, OH

  • Thank you. Received my equipment exactly when you said and in perfect condition. We made our first batch in our driveway in case we were going to embarrass ourselves. First batch was so perfect, so easy in fact, that we thought we were doing it wrong. Long story short, we ended up making about 40 14 oz. bags and gave them all away to the neighbors and friends. Everyone told me it was the best kettle corn they have ever tasted. Thanks again.

    Mark, FL

  • The shop is picking up so much. Kettle corn was an incredible addition to our store! The first day I set up in front of the shop, it was cloudy, and drizzly, with very little activity on the downtown square where we’re located. The first batch was perfect! I simply LOVED your equipment! Then people began showing up out of nowhere, saying they could smell the aroma blocks away and NEEDED some! Sales more than doubled that day despite the foul weather! People are loving it! Our town had a very small bacon festival. It was the festival’s first year, and there were about 1,500 or so people there. It was our first event ever. While setting up, I turned around seeing a HUGE line, and asked my husband, “Is that the line for the free BLT’s?” He responded, “No, that’s the line for us!” We popped until I could barely move my arms from stirring. When we tallied the sales, we were floored – over $1,200! And know also, our prices are significantly less than people can charge in larger areas. In half a day we made more than a week’s worth of sales in our entire small town shop! People who didn’t even know our shop existed were wanting to know where we were. Furthermore, the exposure was soooooo good, that we now have customers who come in every few days to buy kettle corn, and then usually buy something else as well. If we consider the kettle corn branch of our business advertising, it has been the best return for the dollar than any other advertising we have ever done, even over local daytime television ads!

    Sarah, MO