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Kettle Corn Machine Testimonials

We hope you enjoy reading some of the e-mails we receive from Kettle Corn poppers around the country.

  • Well, we’ve been in business for about a year now and I never would have thought we’d be as successful as we’ve been. You know how competitive kettle corn is; so we’re always getting either looks of curiosity, or glares from the other vendors because we’re the new man on the block and look so good. I’m trying to save up for my second set-up. We’ll need it by the end of March. Thanks again for helping us get started with our little dream come true of owning a business.

    Lori, AZ

  • The new equipment is great! I am certainly impressed with the ease of popping/sifting compared to my old setup. Am also very impressed with the pilot light system and the regulator showing the PSI. The overall quality is superb.

    Dotti, OR

  • I thought I would drop you a quick note. This past weekend, Friday evening and all day Saturday was our first real show. WOW!!! What an awesome experience; fun, exciting, exhausting and just plain fantastic! We made $1,700!!!!! I can’t tell you how many people said our kettle corn was the best. My wife said people would turn away from the fireworks to watch me pop the corn. We were even packing up and a guy came up and asked if we had any more kettle corn left. I said I had one large bag that I was saving for a picnic on Sunday. He asked how much and I said five bucks. He kind of shook his head and said he really didn’t want that much. So I opened the bag and gave him a sample; he immediately pulled out his wallet and gave me the five bucks. We started packing up and he walked and said that’s the best kettle corn he’s ever had and I said we’ll be back next year and he said I’m from Milwaukee Wisconsin and I can’t get this good of kettle corn! All the equipment works and looks great! Thanks for putting out such good equipment at an affordable price.

    Jon, PA

  • We did a show this weekend and it was fantastic. Everyone absolutely loved the kettle corn; it was unbelievable seeing all those people standing in line waiting for our product! We had so many people throughout the evening come up and tell us that was the best kettle corn they ever tasted. We made over $3,500 for the weekend!

    Bonnie, MD

  • Thank you for all your help to get us started with our new business. Our business has grown quickly in just one month. In this first month we have done over $4,000 in just 3 set-ups. We have a regular customer that orders anywhere from 25 – 80 bags for trips she plans for senior citizens; they just love it! We are so glad we went with the BKH Popcorn, this is the secret ingredient that everyone just loves. Thank you!

    Dave & Angie, OH

  • Just wanted to update you on the new machine we just purchased from you. GREAT, I can’t imagine going back to the previous machines I’ve owned. Yours is everything you represented it to be. Thank you for all your help. Please feel free to use us as a reference should you need to. THANKS again. “EXCELLENT MACHINE”

    Andy, OH