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Kettle Corn Machine Testimonials

We hope you enjoy reading some of the e-mails we receive from Kettle Corn poppers around the country.

  • I have now received all of my equipment from you folks and I want to say this is better than I could have imagined. My wife and I just love the banner that they did for us, and we are completely amazed what we got for the money we spent. I am already selling the popcorn to people that say they don’t like popcorn.

    Two-Can Catering, PA

  • On our first weekend out we had two festivals back to back and sold over $7,500 in Kettle Corn! I just wanted you to know that I’m very glad you talked us into the larger machine!

    Brian, CA

  • G’day, I’ve just cooked up our first batch and it’s fantastic! Everything is just as I’d hoped, and it all fits exactly into the trailer. Thank you both for getting it out before Christmas.

    Jeremy and Andrea, Australia

  • It was a little over 3 years ago when I bought a kettle from another kettle corn company. I was new to the kettle corn business. It took me about a year to figure out the good events and bad ones. I do about 20 events a year as this is a second business for me. After finding the bigger events, I realized that the kettle I had was not big enough for my business. I could not pop the corn fast enough to keep up with the lines. That was not good. I started to look for someone to make me a bigger kettle. I found your site, and called Andrea and asked her many questions. She had the answers and seemed to know what I was looking for. Since I already had a kettle I knew what would work best for me. She talked with Brad and he said it would not be a problem to make the changes to the kettle (moving the controls to the opposite side). I placed the order for the equipment, but I had one more request – I needed the kettle before the 30th of June and it was now the 20th of May. Well, Brad said he could do it. Andrea kept me updated as to the order’s progress. She notified me when it was being shipped and when I would receive my kettle. Yes, it was before the 30th of June as requested. I was very pleased when I saw how well they packed the items for shipping. It took me about 1/2 hour to unpack and set up the kettle. I was so pleased with the superior workmanship that Brad did on everything. I used the kettle for the first time at the Fourth of July fireworks show in our town (about 25,000 people attend). Yes, this kettle could keep up with the production demand that we needed for this event. This kettle can produce enough kettle corn to return about $1,300 an hour. That is with 1 bagger and 2 sellers. Brad and Andrea, thank you again for how well you run your business; you met the need and delivered as promised. THANK YOU!

    Todd, FL

  • Janet & I are nearing the halfway point of our first season and are having a great time. We had an experience this past weekend that we felt we had to share with you. We pulled onto the street where the community event was taking place. As we sat there waiting to find out where our site was going to be, we noticed that we were not the only kettle corn vendors at this event – turned out we were one of four. We felt very discouraged and were concerned that we traveled two and one-half hours in the predawn hours for nothing. As we were setting up one of the other vendors came down to check us out. He recognized your equipment and told us he had saved himself thousands of dollars by making his own equipment. To make a long story shorter, as the event went on we had several people with a bag of the homemade equipment vendor’s kettle corn stop by our booth and try a sample. They all made the comment that they wished they had found our booth first; they put his bag in the trash, and bought from us. We had another woman come up and tell us she was checking out all the samples first, which by the way not all the vendors supplied. She came back and informed us that ours was the best and bought two bags. We were the only vendors using the mushroom corn, corn oil, and the equipment and recipe provided by North Bend. While we started this business to make additional money, our first and most important goal is to serve a quality product at a reasonable price. It makes our day when people tell us how good our product is. By the way, on a day we thought we would struggle to make our $130 booth fee plus expenses, the Lord blessed us with a $900 day. Maybe not as good as it could have been financially if we were the only vendor, but what a boost to know that our product made people happy and people felt it was better than the veteran vendors. We want to thank you for all the support you provided us in getting our business started. This experience goes to show that having the right equipment and recipe makes the difference. The compliments we have received on the quality of our product are too many to mention. Thank you and God bless.

    Jeff & Janet, PA

  • Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your help with our kettle korn business. We just finished our first event here in the booming metropolis of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Although we did not make our million, we still made $354 and since there were only about 300 people that came, I’d say we did pretty good in the 18 degree day! Thanks again.

    Trygve & Janet