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Kettle Corn Poppers

Efficient. Safe. Easy to use.

A kettle corn popping machine that is able to consistently produce a great product – fast – is critical to your success. Behind the rugged, heavy gauge walls of this unit is a powerhouse system.  The gas lines are hard piped and the gas safety system is the best in the industry. The machine features a pre-heat oil station to shorten popping time, as well as a venting system to direct heat away from the operator.

Kettle Corn Popping Machine Features:

  • Completely NSF Certified – not just the bowl. This is critical for passing many health department regulations.
  • CSA approved:
    • Cast-iron burner
    • Advanced flow-interrupter safety valve
    • Thermocouple
    • Pilot burner
  • Includes propane tank regulator and gauge with 10′ hose
  • Black, powder-coated finish for an old-fashioned look. The dark color hides oil spatter and has a traditional “kettle corn popper” appearance.
  • 160 quart, heavy gauge, spun stainless steel kettle results in consistent popping with less chance of having burnt kernels. The bowl’s spherical bottom requires less stirring effort for the operator, and is much easier to stir than 80 quart units.
  • 2 year warranty (1 year on gas parts)
  • Spring assisted for easy dumping
  • Also available in stainless steel (instead of black powder-coated finish)

Kettle Corn Popping Machine Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 52.5″ x 37″ by 37″ high (oven box measures 34” x 34”)
  • Weight: 185 pounds.

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