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Kettle Corn Automatic Stirrer

One of the main attractions of kettle corn is the show of popping. It’s very important to maximize the entertainment. Your customers will love to see you stirring vigorously with your paddle and watch the growing mound of popped corn. However, more and more kettle corn vendors are popping in situations where there is no audience, such as for retail accounts or fundraisers. This machine produces perfect kettle corn, batch after batch. The operator simply adds the ingredients, turns on the machine, and dumps the corn when it’s finished popping; it couldn’t be easier. The Auto Stirrer can easily be added to your existing kettle or ordered with new equipment.

Our Kettle Corn Automatic Stirrer Features:

  • Covered kettle – no flying kernels
  • Vents allow moisture to escape
  • Lightweight – only 34 pounds
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Hinged access lid for adding ingredients and dumping popped corn
  • Easy-fill oil funnel
  • 6′ cord
  • Easy to take on/off your machine – a 60 second job
  • Plugs into standard 115 V
  • Or, can be run on a 12 V battery with an inverter – 300 W motor
  • Only compatible with 160 Qt. North Bend popping machines
  • Includes a heavier duty spring to make dumping easier
  • Easy installation – simple drill 3 holes in kettle rim. We include detailed instructions and a high quality drill bit.

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