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Is the sifting bin necessary?

The short answer is yes.

We often sell equipment to vendors who had older machines, and are used to scooping their corn from a copper kettle or plastic bins. Every one of them has been delighted with the sifting bin – no more bending over, no more messing with multiple plastic bins, no more old maids, and no more waiting on corn to cool so you can bag it. The sifting bin is at just the right height for baggers, yet works perfectly with the height of the machine. We’ve seen other companies promoting what they were calling “high dump” machines. In order to achieve a beneficial “high dump,” the machine & sifter have to work together. It will not work to simply raise the popper, unless the popper is willing to stand on a ladder while stirring! Our popping machine is at an ideal height for hand-popping, and the unique cut-out on one end of the sifting bin allows the popper to dump directly into it. The sifting bin is designed for efficiency and is necessary for a good operation.

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