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Is it hard to pop kettle corn? How long before I can “pop like a pro”?

Many companies will tell you that making kettle corn is an art and requires extensive training, “secret” recipes and hours of experience to cook the “perfect” batch. That may be, but the very first batch of corn we cooked in our kettle corn machine was absolutely AWESOME! We sat there looking at each other with wide eyes and full mouths…WE made THIS? Actually, the very first time we (or actually, just Brad) tried to make kettle corn was funny. He decided to make it over the stove in my 8 Qt. cooking kettle. Needless to say, most of the batch popped all over the kitchen floor! As the corn was popping, he was trying to add sugar while stirring vigorously so it wouldn’t burn. The corn began popping out of the kettle and bouncing off his face. I was laughing and saying “You’re cleaning up this mess!” It tasted good, though!

Bottom line – if you follow our kettle corn recipe and simple popping instructions, you’ll be confidently making perfect kettle corn after a few batches. The slightly sweet, slightly salty taste is just plain addicting. The best part of owning your own kettle corn business is this: you can take the basic recipe that we provide you with and go make money! Or, experiment a little, make some modifications and you’ll have your very own “secret” version! Some argue peanut oil is the “only way to go”. However, some people are allergic to peanuts products so you’d need to consider that. We think pure corn oil has a great flavor. One customer told us he uses plain old Canola oil and can’t tell the difference. Some like brown sugar for the caramel flavor it adds. One of our customers uses Vermont maple syrup. You can also buy various powders or syrups and make “gourmet kettle corn”. The possibilities are endless. Good luck, and don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

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