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Is it hard to pop kettle corn? How long before I can “pop like a pro”?

Understandably, the biggest concern that most people have is whether or not they can make a delicious product that sells.  Rest assured, we have all kinds of customers – young and old, male and female – who make fantastic kettle corn.  If you can fry an egg, you can make kettle corn.    Whether you hand stir or use an auto-stirrer, by following our kettle corn recipe and simple popping instructions, you’ll be confidently making perfect kettle corn after a few batches. There are only four basic ingredients used to make delicious kettle corn – popcorn, oil, sugar, and salt.  Add these ingredients in the right proportions and at the proper time, stir and dump, and you will have a great product to sell.  Yes, it is that simple.

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