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Can I use my machine to make pork rinds or anything other than kettle corn?

YES! The machine is basically a giant kettle with a heat source, and can be used for various purposes.

One of the newer food fads is pork rinds (zero carbs!). Pellets (sometimes called bacon puffs) can be purchased from Gold Medal. Simply add a few gallons of oil to the kettle, throw in some pork skin pellets, and watch them pop! You would then scoop them out with a mesh ladle, sprinkle them with your desired flavor (also available at the above web site) and serve!

We’ve used our machine to fry turkeys, wings, and boil down maple syrup. This kettle could be used for corn roasts, or a big pot of chili – your imagination is the limit.

Note: any time you’re using oil in the kettle, it is IMPERATIVE to use a thermometer and keep the temperature under control. Our burner is capable of putting out extreme temperatures and must be monitored.

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