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Why is the North Bend pilot system safer?

Have you ever opened the gas valve on your outdoor grill, then proceeded to click the igniter button? …click click click… click click….POOOF!!! Finally the gas ignites, blowing a flame in your face and scaring you half to death! Now, imagine that happening with 10 times the amount of gas!

Companies who offer spark ignition systems on their kettle corn popping machines sell you this real and definite safety hazard!

Let me explain how our pilot system works. From the safety valve, there are actually two gas lines – one running to the burner, and one providing fuel to the pilot. The pilot flame is manually lit while the operator presses a safety “release” button. When the thermocouple senses heat from its pilot flame, it will then allow gas to flow to the main burner. Because of the constant pilot flame, the burner can be lit simply by using the ON/OFF handle. This is by far the easiest and safest method of operation….just ask someone who’s had to manually light their burner hundreds of times a day because of spark igniter inconsistencies!

Note: A pilot burner without a thermocouple is unsafe. Without a thermocouple, the gas supply to the pilot burner will continue to flow, whether or not the pilot burner is lit. So, if for some reason the pilot flame goes out, gas will continue flowing and collect in the cabinet, creating a huge safety hazard. Don’t risk it.

Bottom line, our machine’s gas system will not threaten your safety, nor that of your staff or the public. Our systems utilize proper safety measures that will allow ensure you pass fire marshal inspection.

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