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What ingredients do I need and where can I find them?


Mushroom style popcorn is ideal for the kettle corn business. The kernels pop into large round “balls,” and also hold up well to stirring and bagging. Our favorite popcorn (by far!) is “Magic Mushroom,” formerly produced by BKH Popcorn. It is now available through the snack division of ConAgra Foods and distributed by J.M. Swank Company. Call the company at 800-593-6375 and ask for popcorn sales, or e-mail We HIGHLY recommend using this popcorn. The expansion rate is incredible; each 50 pound bag will yield $75 more product than other mushroom varieties we’ve tried. The price is also very reasonable, even with the cost of shipping. You can arrange to pick up the corn from the J.M. Swank Company in North Liberty, Iowa, have it shipped directly to you, or have it shipped to a warehouse near you for pick up.

Some vendors use the Caramel & Sweet mushroom variety from Weaver Popcorn. You can go to Weaver Popcorn to find a distributor near you. Or, try the Monster Mushroom popcorn by Gold Medal. Call 800-543-0862 to find a local Gold Medal dealer. We don’t recommend it, but regular “Butterfly” style popcorn is also used by many vendors and can be purchased in 50 lb. bags at Sam’s Club.


We highly recommend and use 100% pure corn oil. It has great flavor and is cost effective. Another big advantage – corn oil has a much higher flash point than other oils. This reduces the amount of smoke, and also lowers the risk of a flash oil fire. You might consider experimenting with different oils for different results. Many vendors use Soybean Oil, while others prefer Peanut Oil (take into consideration than many people are allergic to peanut products). The choice is yours. Oil can be purchased in bulk at Sam’s Club, Walmart, or your local food wholesaler.


Just “plain” granulated sugar is all it takes! Purchase it in bulk at Sam’s Club, Walmart, or another food wholesaler.


It’s just “salt!”

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