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Are you interested in starting your own kettle corn business? A professional booth, efficient equipment and our addictive recipe are vital to your success! Call us at 877-707-2676 for friendly advice and answers to your questions, or email us for a quick response!

Honest quality is our standard, and your satisfaction is our highest priority.

NEW! Preview the DVD included in your free information package!

Learn more about the kettle corn business by ordering our complimentary information package. You'll receive our complete, 20 minute DVD, which will introduce you to successful kettle corn vendors, and cover all the "do's and don'ts" you need to know before starting your business. You will also see our entire line of equipment in detail and in operation. We'll include our color catalog with current pricing and even more business information. This free package is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about the business.

Financing is available!

We are proud to offer a complete line of financing options through Schulte Leasing. Challenged credit? We have options for you, too! Please contact Jon Schulte directly at (949) 246-7467, or e-mail him at JonSchulte@hotmail.com. To see the benefits of leasing kettle corn equipment, click here.

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Complete Mobile Concession Package

Our most popular package is designed for the professional kettle corn vendor. It makes set-up, operation, and tear-down as efficient as possible and will be customized to reflect your business colors & image. As always, shipping is free. Click here for more details!

Kettle Corn Pricing Signs

Featured Accessory: Rustic Pricing Signs

These signs are beautifully handcrafted by a local artist and will add rustic charm to your booth. Each sign is made to order - no two are alike. Easy-to-use clips secure the signs directly to your canopy frame. Click here for more details!

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Our equipment is NSF Certified!

All kettle corn poppers and receiving bins are NSF Certified! For more information about NSF, click here . Verify our listing here.

It's an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in America! Take the 7 Kahle children, who paid for their own equipment and launched Kountry Kernel Kettle Korn! As if their holiday wreath business wasn't enough, they now stay busy year-round serving up "the best kettle korn around."

Meet twin brothers Thomas & Robert from California. Robert purchased our Complete Mobile Concession Package in March, with Tom following suit in June! When asked what colors he would like for his canopy, Tom said he wanted "just what Robert got." Tom is smart; he knew that what had worked for others had worked for his brother, and would work for him, too! Find out how Robert's first event went here.

Kevin & Lori's kettle corn business grew so much the first year that they added another set-up, almost exactly 1 year after they got started!

Then there's Charlie, who has been successful in the kettle corn business for years. Although he started out using a machine with a cast iron kettle, this year he decided to make the switch to stainless steel. He soon wrote to tell us his new kettle was "cooking corn the best of his 4 rigs!"

Last but not least, I've got to mention Eric, Velma & Steve of Velma's Wicked Delicious Kettle Corn. You'll die laughing at Eric's "Kettle Corn Blog." Disclaimer: North Bend is released and held harmless for anything Eric posts on this site! ha ha

Although these successful business owners' stories & motivations are varied, they all have one thing in common. None of them jumped blindly into the kettle corn business. They all did their research, put together a plan, and ACTED on it. It's an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in America!

"In life and business, there are two cardinal sins. The first is to act precipitously without thought and the second is not to act at all."
Carl Icahn, Investor, Entrepreneur, Billionaire

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Brad and Andrea, thank you again for how well you run your business; you met the need and delivered as promised. THANK YOU!

Todd, FL

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