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Tell me more about the powder-coat finish on your popper.

Powder coating is used to create a much more durable coating than conventional paint. It is used on many of today’s products, including automobiles, kitchen appliances, outdoor lawn furniture, industrial machinery, etc. When applied properly, powder coatings last a very long time. Our equipment undergoes a 5 step process. 1) Alcohol based degreasing and sanding. 2) Iron phosphate treatment (this chemical conversion process etches the metal, creates an embeddable surface for proper adhesion, and provides corrosion resistance). 3) Pre-application oven drying/curing. 4) Powder application using an electrostatic gun. 5) Oven curing at over 400 degrees, where the powder melts into a uniform film. It is then cooled to form a hard coating.

Our powder coat finish has been impact and abrasion tested by NSF. (They literally drop a heavy weight on it, and rotate sand-paper over the finish. To pass the test, the finish must not separate from the steel.) We choose this finish for several reasons, in no particular order: 1) The black color hides the sugar/oil spatter that will accumulate after a day of heavy popping. 2) Powder-coat is the most durable finish available. 3) It will not discolor (turn brown) with heat, as aluminum would. 4) It is smooth and very cleanable. 5) It provides an old-fashioned look customers associate with kettle corn.

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