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NSF Certified 160 Qt. Kettle Corn Popping Machine

Kettle corn popper.

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Our Kettle Corn Popping Machine Features:

  • Completely NSF Certified - not just the bowl!
  • CSA approved and UL listed advanced flow interrupter safety valve with thermocouple and pilot burner.
  • Complete hard piping (no hoses).
  • Easy turn on/turn off handle.
  • Special venting for cooler operation
  • Perfectly balanced spring-loaded lid - requires virtually no effort to lift.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel kettles - removable for easy cleaning!
  • CSA approved and UL listed cast iron burner
  • Regulator and gauge with 10 ft. hose.
  • Special vent system for cool operation.
  • Rugged, heavy duty steel box - your burner is enclosed on all 4 sides.
  • Black, powder-coated finish for an old-fashioned look. The dark color hides oil spatter and has a traditional "kettle corn popper" appearance.
  • 160 quart machine measures 52.5" x 37" by 37" high and weighs 185 pounds.
  • Pre-heat oil station - convenient and shortens your popping time!
  • Twice as large as our competitor's units - produces twice as much kettle corn in record speed!
  • Our kettle requires less effort for the operator - much easier to stir than 80 quart units!
  • Heavy gauge spun stainless steel kettle results in consistent popping with less chance of having burnt kernels.
  • Heavy duty, 10 gauge lid.
  • 4 castor wheels for easy mobility.
  • High BTU output.
  • 9 month warranty on all gas parts, 2 year warranty on everything else.

Stainless Steel Sifting Bin

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The faster you can bag your corn, the faster you can sell it! Our sifting bin will speed your cooling/bagging time, and un-popped kernels will be sifted out.......so you can serve only the best to your customers! Our NEW sifter is completely NSF certified. If it's important that the popping machine be certified, how much more important the sifting bin, where food is actually served from!

Our Sifting Bin Features:

  • 100% stainless steel construction.
  • NSF certified.
  • 74 gallon capacity - that's 12 square feet of cooling area.
  • One piece bin construction.
  • 4,400 custom punched holes for effecient sifting and cooling.
  • Perfect height for bagging.
  • Heavy duty, food-grade stainless steel construction.
  • Easily accomodates 4+ baggers.
  • Measures 37" x 49" x 35" high.
  • 2 NSF stainless steel catch pans with easy-to-empty drawer feature.
  • 4 wheels for easy transportation.

Kettle Corn automatic stirrer

Kettle Corn Automatic Stirrer

This automatic stirrer is designed for situations where entertaining the crowds isn't a concern, such as for retail accounts or fundraisers.Click here for more details!

Complete Package! | Package #1 | Package #2 | Package #3 | Our Kettles

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I can't believe it Andrea... last weekend we made $9,890... yup you read it right! That is after we gave them their 20%.

Lori, MA

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